MonkeyWrench Hosting - Five year review!

"Uptime and speed: I can't really fault MWH here. The uptime has on the whole been fantastic and the very few issues I have experienced have generally been data centre issues outside of their control. Support: In the past two years I've used their support only twice that I can think of. In both cases, replies and resolution were prompt. In one of the cases it was actually my mistake. Oops! Pricing: Still not the cheapest out there but again, I value quality over quantity. Two years later and MWH still gets the thumbs up from me for their fantastic service and support! » More »"

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1 Year MonkeyWrench Hosting Review

"I found almost 10 hosts that had what I wanted but when I contacted them all MonkeyWrench Hosting was the only one what replied fast and gave me a discount by paying yearly. The plan that I have is their Monkey plan, which is perfect for personal blogs and projects. I have been tracking the server with pingdom and here's the average uptime: 99.98%. The server is also fast and not very loaded. I have also been tracking uptime with the Status2k script and I have never seen the load at 1 or higher. Support is very fast and helpful. If you are looking for a host for your small site/projects I recommend MonkeyWrench Hosting."


"They're cheap, offer lot of features in cpanel and have skilled / fast responding support staff. They're also very helpful with technical problems or creating custom hosting packages. Definitely the best hoster i've ever used "


MonkeyWrench Hosting 1 Month Review

"I have a few shared/vps accounts and out of all my shared accounts this one has been and is the best. Support is great and the Uptime has been 100% for the month that I have been hosting here. To the people running MonkeyWrenchHosting, keep it up! I will stay here for a while. I also posted a more detailed review at WebHosting Talk HERE"

wallnerX USA
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MonkeyWrench Hosting review - Three year review

"I've been hosting my personal sites with MonkeyWrench Hosting for around three years now (coming up in January I believe), and I figured I'd share my experiences with them! I've gone through a few hosts in my time, and some of them have been pretty rough. After using paid hosts, a niche free host started up that I stayed with for around a year before they eventually closed down. I switched to MonkeyWrench Hosting at that point as a place to host my sites and store my files, and I have to say that I've been impressed throughout the time I've been with them. Uptime/speed: Fantastic! The sites have been perfectly reliable and speedy....» More »"

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MonkeyWrench is Solid

"My husband and I have been using MonkeyWrench for at least 5 years. They are always up, the support has been timely, and they are no-nonsense. You don't get someone trying to make you a deal, because you already have one. "

Christina Morris
chmcreative.com USA

"I went with Monkey Wrench because of the great value and quick response times I got with my pre-sales questions. I'm happy to report that the great service and support has continued in the many months I have been here. I will continue to recommend you to all my friends and family."

Joe Platz
platzphoto.com USA

"We have been with Monkey Wrench Hosting for many years now, and have always been impressed with their service and especially their speed at emailing you back with answers. Many host companies we used before, which we werent happy with, would give no after sales support, and would not go the lengths Monkey Wrench do to help with your hosting. I would have no problem recommending them to a friend, and often do."

Luke Bernardini
soloheatinginstallations.co.uk UK

"MonkeyWrench Hosting is the best place i've ever used. I wouldn't go anywere else for my hosting needs. I would reccomend they're services to all my friends. I appreciate they're technical expertise and experience. Thanks MonkeyWrench !!"

camofrog.com USA

"We have been through many hosts and find that all the affordable hosts are here one day and gone the next. Along with the fact that their uptime is barely acceptable. MonkeyWrench on the other hand has been fantastic; the prices are extremely competitive and server uptime is second to none. Support is exceptional and problems - if any - are solved in fantastic time. I have been happy to recommend MonkeyWrench to all my colleagues and friends."

Paul Australia

"I was with other web hosting companies in the past and I always hated the down time and poor service. I searched around and found a reliable, powerful and cost-effective hosting solution. MonkeyWrench is the best hosting I could ever choose. They provide stunning customer support and 100% uptime. I recommend MonkeyWrench Hosting to everyone who has been searching for that reliable web host."

Andy Paulson USA

"Thank you. You have the absolute best service and hosting I've ever had at a very nice price. It's amazing. I recommend you to everyone."

Brad USA

"In the past 6 years I have gone through a lot of turmoil with unreliable hosting companies. These guys are a nice change, as they are reliable, friendly and very open about any information on server status. The best bang for the buck I have seen so far."

Mario Rader USA

"When looking for web hosting solutions, I found MonkeyWrench Hosting to be not only the most competitively priced, but also eager to help meet my needs as a dynamic small business. Their service is above and beyond what I have come to expect from competing hosting companies and made for a pleasent experience. A big thanks to Jonathan and the team at MonkeyWrench!"

Evan Bache Canada

"I just wanted to mention that I have been VERY pleased with the service that I get from you guys and wanted to give you guys a pat on the back."

Chris USA

"Have been with MonkeyWrench Hosting since mid 2007, and have had nothing but fantastic service. Haven't had any problems with the server, and the customer service is polite, friendly and prompt. Does what it says on the tin. Would recommend them!"

Shaun UK