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Answers General / Pre-Sales

Will you match a competitor's price?

No. We have worked out all the necessary variables to come up with the best quality to price ratio we can give. We guarantee the service you expect and deserve with a thirty day money back guarantee.

Do you offer custom hosting packages?

Yes. We can offer you a custom package, we can only offer bandwidth and space customization, for example we will not limit the features for a cheaper price.

Can I host my friends?

Yes. We allow you to host friends, if you would like to charge for your hosting you will need to purchase a reseller account.

Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees?

You will never be charged for additional bandwidth or space and there is no setup fee.

Will you place ads on my site?

No. MonkeyWrench Hosting will never ask you to put advertisements on your website.

What if I need more space and bandwidth?

If you need additional space or bandwidth we recommend upgrading your hosting plan for the best value, if you do not wish to upgrade we will happily work with you to resolve the issue.

Answers Features and Technology

What features do you offer?

All features are available on our web hosting and reseller hosting pages, if you do not see the feature you are looking for please feel free to contact us.

I have my own SSL certificate can you install it for me?

Absolutely. SSL certificates require there own dedicated I.P which are available for $2.00 per month, the installation of the SSL certificate is free.

Where is your Data Center located?

Our data center is located in Downtown Chicago, USA. For further information about our data center please visit our about page.

Do you make regular backups of my account?

Yes, we do make regular backups of your website but we must stress that it is very important that you do also. We make every effort but cannot guarantee that the backup will be complete or available.

Answers Domain Names

Can I purchase my domain through you or do I have to buy from another company?

Yes, we allow domain registration, the option and pricing is available when purchasing a hosting package with us. All domains are registered in your name and can be transferred at any time. If you have any additional questions about domain names please don't hesitate to contact us.

What is the difference between addon domains and parked domains?

A parked domain will be pointed at your current webspace, in other words they go to the same place as your main account domain. A add-on domain will act as a completely independent website in your space, when you create an add-on domain it will create a folder, what is uploaded to that folder will be what's viewable for that domain.

Can I buy a domain name without hosting?

Sorry, we only offer domains with our hosting packages, we apologise for any inconvenience.

Answers Scripts and Programming

Will you install my programs and scripts for me?

Sorry, but we can't accommodate that kind of support. We are always willing to help with any problems you experience but cannot guarantee that we will resolve the issue. We recommend asking the creator of the script for help for this type of issue.

Will you install custom Perl modules?

Yes. Please contact our support team with your request.

Do you offer script support?

We are always willing to help with any problems you experience but cannot guarantee that we will resolve the issue. We recommend asking the creator of the script for help for this type of issue.

Answers Ordering

How long will it take to setup my new account?

All accounts will be setup within 24 hours, most accounts are created within 30 minutes.

My order isnt setup. What should I do?

You will likely find that the order is in further review, if you have not received a welcome email within 24 hours please let us know.

I'm confused or having trouble with the ordering process. Who should I contact for assistance?

Support is always here to help, please feel free to contact us via Live Chat if available or submit a ticket if you are unsure or experiencing any problems, we will respond shortly.

Can I register a new domain name at the same time I place my order?

Absolutely, when you choose the package you would like, the next step will have the option to register a new domain or use an existing one.

Do I need to have a domain name picked out and registered before I submit my order?

We can register your domain for you through our ordering process, We recommend having a domain picked out but our domain registration process can help you find that right domain.

Answers Billing and Payments

If I'm not satisfied, will you give me a full refund?

Yes, our hosting comes with a 30 day full money back guarantee, We would love to work with you to resolve any problems, however if you would just like to part ways we will happily give you your money back with no hassle.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes. We love PayPal!

What credit cards do you accept?

You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with PayPal.

For UK customers you can use credit or debit cards, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Switch/Maestro, Solo and American Express to fund your PayPal payment.

Can I pay by check or money order?

We currently only allow you to send an eCheck through PayPal. We do not accept any other methods for checks and money orders. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

How would I cancel my account?

We are sorry to see you go! Here is a step by step guide to canceling your account.

1. Backup your files, once you cancel your account all files will be deleted.
2. If you have a subscription, login to PayPal and cancel your subscription with MonkeyWrench Hosting.
3. Submit a help desk ticket to Cancellation Requests.

We hope your experience has been an enjoyable one and would love to resolve any problems if you experienced any.

Answers Email

How do I access my email?

You can access your email by going to
If you have not configured an email address you will need to go to your cpanel first
You can do this by

How do I create email accounts?

To create an email account, login to your websites control panel via and click add/remove email account's.

Outlook will receive but not send email

It is common for Internet service providers (isp's) to block port 25 for sending e-mail. This is why we added port 26 as an alternative. Change your outgoing port of 25 to 26 via your outlook configuration to fix this issue.

Answers FTP

Where can I download a free FTP?

We recommend downloading FileZilla from

Where are my login details for my ftp?

Your login details are sent through your welcome email. The cPanel login name and password provided in your email are what you need to login to your ftp. Your password can be changed through the cPanel control panel. If you have lost your welcome email you can contact our support team for another welcome email to be sent.

Why wont it let me upload my files?

Can't see the files you upload? When you connect via ftp to your website, make sure you are uploading in the correct folder which is the public_html folder. Can login but can't upload? If you are still experiencing problems you may have run out of disk space.

Answers My Account

Where can I view my account information?

All account information is sent in your welcome email. It can also be viewed via our Billing System.If you have lost your welcome email you can contact our support team for another to be sent. To view via our Billing System you can go to "My Packages" and click the current hosting package you are on for more details.

Answers MySQL Database

How do I create a MySQL database?

Login to your cPanel and click MySQL Databases. First you must create a user and a database and then assign the database to the user.

How do I backup my MySQL database?

Login to your cPanel and click MySQL Databases, then click phpmyadmin located at the bottom of the page.

Once in phpmyadmin click export.

On this screen you can see a list of your databases. If you wish to backup one database simply click the database you would like to backup, for multiple databases hold down the "ctrl" key on the keyboard and select them by clicking the mouse. To select all click the select all button located on the screen.

The default SQL options given do not need to be changed to restore your database on the server at a later date.

To save your file click the "save as file" option.

How do I restore my MySQL database?

Login to your cPanel and click MySQL Databases, then click phpmyadmin located at the bottom of the page.

Once in phpmyadmin the easiest way is to open the query window by clicking this icon MySQL

Then using the menu at the top, click "Import Files", then browse for the database file you wish to upload.

If your database is using a different MySQL version, receive a time out error or experience problems uploading you can contact our support team to change the database to work on the server.

Answers Ruby On Rails

What is the path to Ruby?

The path to Ruby on our servers is /usr/local/bin/ruby , remember to update files dispatch.rb, dispatch.fcgi and dispatch.cgi located in the public folder with this information.

This is hard! do you offer any tutorials?

We are currently working on some tutorials for the most common requested tools, for example SlashLinks and Typo Blog. Watch this space!

Answers cPanel Control Panel

How do I access my control panel?

cPanel is our state of the art control panel, offering users every feature under the sun.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is our state of the art control panel, offering users every feature under the sun.

Answers Fantastico

Where is Fantastico?

Fantastico is located in your cPanel control panel, it's right at the bottom (look for the blue smiley!)

What is Fantastico?

Fantastico allows you to install scripts with the click of a mouse. It creates the database, files and changes the config so you don't have to! It's that simple.

Fantastico can also update your scripts to the latest version with a click of the mouse, and uninstall them too!

What scripts can I install with Fantastico?

Are you prepared for a lengthy answer? Well here goes,


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